Activities Review Achievements
  • Enabled mutual recognition and transfer of credits, and established infrastructure for joint master's degree programs between Tokyo Tech and Tsinghua and Tokyo Tech and KAIST.
  • Initiated the Summer Program and set groundwork for a system to accept short-term exchange students, not only from the Consortium but also from Europe and the U.S.
  • Expanded the outbound program, so there was an increase in the number of Tokyo Tech students considering study abroad after experiencing the CAMPUS Asia program.
  • Initiated exchange with other universities of CAMPUS Asia Consortium, enabling expansion of the program to other universities.
  • Enhanced exchanges of students, professors and administrative staffs with universities in Asia, Europe and North America.
  • Designed separate programs for undergraduates and graduates. By offering the Course-oriented and Research-oriented program, program contents have been tailored to match the year of study and experiences of the students.
  • Published online list of professors who can accept inbound students, together with the information on accepted research fields, possible length of stay, accepted students' year of study, and other prerequisites to join each lab. The list will be utilized as an information source for students to find appropriate academic supervisors.
  • Enhanced not only the sharing information on the contents of the program, but also the transmission of information that has a news angle, such as research achievements.