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CAMPUS Asia Concept Book

TKT CAMPUS Asia was first implemented in 2012 as part of the Tokyo Institute of Technology International Education and Research (TIER) Program under the "Re-inventing Japan Project" funded by Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) to promote international exchanges. Tokyo Tech's program offers students an opportunity to study abroad at Tsinghua University in China and KAIST in Korea, two of the top science and technology universities in Asia. What differentiates TKT CAMPUS Asia from the rest of exchange programs is its focus on research rather than coursework. Participating students are expected to choose the program type that suits their needs the most.

Types of Program

A) KAIST Summer Program

This is an intensive program consisted of courses in basic Korean and special lectures on science and technology. The credits earned at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) can be transferred. The program also offers field trips and technical tours to give a broad understanding of Korean culture and cutting-edge technologies.

B) Tsinghua University CAMPUS Asia Program

This program is designed exclusively for students who are interested in conducting research at Tsinghua University. Students will be assigned to a laboratory and an academic advisor of their choice. They can apply for the program at any time of the year given a minimum three-month stay. Students can take regular semester courses as well.

Participating University

Tsinghua University

Program Support

1. Monthly scholarship
Undergraduate students: KRW800,000/month
Graduate students: KRW900,000/month
Tsinghua University
Undergraduate and Master students: RMB3,000/month
Doctoral students: RMB3,500/month
2. Accommodation
On-campus dormitory (paid from monthly scholarship)
Tsinghua University
On-campus dormitory for no charge

Academic Calendar

KAIST Spring Program: March - June
Summer Program: August
Fall Program: September - December
Tsinghua University Autumn Term: September - January
Spring Term: February - August
*The above schedule is subject to change.