Under the CAMPUS Asia Initiative of the governments of Japan, China and South Korea, Tokyo Tech is an active participant in and contributor to the TKT CAMPUS Asia Consortium, a joint education and research program with Tsinghua University and KAIST. In our Summer School 2018, as part of the Consortium's activities, we offer two types of Summer Program: a Course-Oriented Program for undergraduate students, and a Research-Oriented Program for undergraduate and graduate students. In the Summer School, students from countries outside Asia will also participate. Regarding the CAMPUS Asia Winter Program, students need to be nominated by Tsinghua University or KAIST to apply for the program.

■Program Overview
Academic Year 2018-2019


For SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

Application Guideline

CAMPUS Asia Summer Program 2017 [REPORT]

June 29 - July 27 (4 weeks)

The Course-Oriented Program consists of a camp, lectures, team projects, site visits and more. Beginning the program is the camp in which summer school participants from all over the world, including Tokyo Tech students, will join to get to know each other.

Program Calendar (tentative)

Course syllabi (tentative) Updated on Dec.28


Engineering Design Masashi Shirabe

Communicating Science and Engineering in Society (CSES) Naoko Yanagihara

Modern Japan Masahiko Hara and more

Environment & Energy 1 Jeffrey Cross and more

Environment & Energy 2 Manabu Ihara, Subodh Mhaisalkar (from NTU) more

Earth & Life Science Shawn McGlynn and more

Advanced Materials Science & Engineering Yoshihiro Ito (from RIKEN) and more

June 29 - Sept. 6 (10 weeks)

The program starts with a camp to get to know each other. Participants in the Research-Oriented Program will conduct research projects in Tokyo Tech labs under the guidance of faculty members. In addition, they will enroll in two courses; Communicating Science and Engineering in Society and Modern Japan & 21st Century Skills. A certificate will be issued after successfully completing the program.

Program Calendar (tentative)

Students will join laboratories and conduct supervised research. On the application form, you will be asked to provide names of three Tokyo Tech academic supervisors (those holding the title of Professor or Associate Professor) with whom you would like to conduct research. Please use the links below to search for professors whose academic expertise closely mirrors your research interests.
Schools and Departments of Tokyo Tech
Tokyo Tech Research 2017-2018 NEW
Tokyo Tech STAR Search (Researcher Finder)
Tokyo Tech Research Repository (T2R2)

IMPORTANT: Based on the three choices listed on your application form, the Tokyo Tech CAMPUS Asia committee will match admitted students to academic supervisors.

CAMPUS Asia Winter Program (November 29, 2018 - February 8, 2019)
2018 CAMPUS Asia Application Guideline_Winter Program

Students will undertake an independent research project in a laboratory under the supervision of a Tokyo Tech faculty member. Upon request, Tokyo Tech will issue a certificate to students who successfully complete the program.

*Note: Only students need to be nominated by Tsinghua University or KAIST to apply for this program.

**Note: The period of stay varies based on each student's research plans and their home university's academic calendar. However, participants are recommended to stay for the full period.