Daily Life Support

Daily Life Support Orientation For International Students and Researchers
Daily Life Support

The International Office holds Daily Life Support Orientations for international students and researchers, as well as laboratories anticipating to accept researchers or students from overseas. The orientations are offered mainly in English for international students and researchers, and in Japanese for laboratories accepting overseas researchers and students.
Topics include housing information, disaster prevention, medical care in Japan and campus resources.

If you would like to request Daily Life Support Orientations on dates other than those scheduled, or if you have any questions regarding the orientaion sessions, please contact us at ics@jim.titech.ac.jp.

Orientation Topics

We hold Daily Life Support Orientations throughout the year covering the following topics. Orientation dates are announced on our website, electronic bulletin boards etc.

If you wish to use the above presentation files for purposes other than personal use, please consult with HUB-ICS in advance.