HUB-ICS is open to those who study, conduct research, teach or work at Tokyo Tech. When using HUB-ICS, please adhere to the following guidelines:

・ Sign in & sign out at the entrance

・ No smoking/alcohol

・ No food or drinks at the computer desks

・ Remember to inform the reception before using the computers

When using a computer, make sure never to download files or software that might cause damage to the computer. Disciplinary action will be taken against individuals for the improper use of computers listed below:

  • Copyright infringement
  • Any act against public order and morals
  • Fraud, e.g. pyramid schemes
  • Defamation of character, including harassment
  • Willful misconduct such as sending SPAM messages
  • Use a file sharing software

< Rules of Using the Computers >

If you would like to use one of the computers, please inform the HUB-ICS staff at the reception desk.
In exchange for your student ID/staff ID card, the HUB-ICS staff will hand you a plastic card case which indicates the computer you may use. When you are finished using the computer, please return the plastic card case to the HUB-ICS staff and receive your ID card.
HUB-ICS rooms and computers may not be available due to classes or events. Please check the notice at the entrance of the building or the HUB-ICS website in advance.

< Events, Posters, and Flyers >

If you would like to reserve HUB-ICS for your own events, post announcements on the bulletin board, or leave flyers at the HUB-ICS entrance, please download the following application form and submit it to the HUB-ICS reception desk:

Please adhere to the following Internal Rules when using HUB-ICS.

The following procedures must be observed to open or close HUB-ICS when the staff is not present.