General Prospectus

Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) and Tsinghua University, a leading university in China (, inaugurated the Tokyo Tech-Tsinghua Joint Graduate Program on September 1, 2004. There are three courses in this program, so the students will be able to find the course in which they would like to focus their research and study,acquire broader knowledge and understanding, and conduct advanced research.

When China, a country rapidly becoming the world's superpower in the early 21st century, and Japan, a leader in Asia, closely collaborate in advanced science & engineering fields and build a relationship of trust, it will not only be a great contribution to the development of the industry, economy, and culture of both countries but also to the entire world. In order to realize this, individuals who can play an active global role with knowledge of the language, culture and society of both countries are required. This program is a product of joint effort established through the collaboration of two top science & technology universities, Tsinghua University in China and the Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan.