Activities:To KAIST

Prgoram Participants 33 students

Name(First,Last)Faculty/Department (year of participation)
Masahiro Oguchi Department of Electronic Chemistry (2012)
Tetsuya Suga Department of Industrial Engineering and Management (2012)
Takakazu IkedaDepartment of Computer Science (2012)
Sho NishizawaDepartment of Bioengineering (2012)
Hiroko Shiomi Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering(2012)
Satoshi HondaDepartment of Industrial Engineering and Management(2012)
Ryohei Kobayashi Department of Computer Science(2012-2013)
Shuyang KangDepartment of International Development Engineering(2013)
Takuya NiiokaDepartment of Mechanical and Intelligent Systems Engineering(2013)
Kenta Nakamura Department of Mechanical and Environmental Informatics(2013)
Yoshihisa WadaDepartment of Bioengineering(2013)
Takuhiro TsunekawaDepartment of Mechanical Science and Engineering(2013)
Shotaro NakajimaDepartment of Mechano-Aerospace Engineering(2013)
Jiao XueDepartment of Computational Intelligence and Systems Science(2014)
Mamiko NinomiyaDepartment of Chemistry(2014)
Shintaro YabeDepartment of Mechanical and Control Engineering(2014)
Yutaro YodaDepartment of Mechanical Science and Engineering(2014)
Jianxin GuanDepartment of International Development Engineering(2014)
Kento OkuzawaDepartment of Mechanical Science and Engineering(2014)
Arie SendaDepartment of Electronic Chemistry (2014)
Kosuke Kiriyama Department of International Development Engineering(2014-2015)
Hengyu ShiDepartment of Biotechnology(2014-2015)
Yu Akiyama Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering(2015)
Koei Azuma Department of Organic and Polymeric Materials(2015)
Naoto OguraDepartment of Bioscience(2015)
Shangze WuDepartment of Bioscience(2015)
Takuma UsuiDepartment of Computer Science(2015)
Tomomi MuraiDepartment of Chemistry(2016)
Zhuoheng LIDepartment of International Development Engineering(2016)
Koshiro DateDepartment of Communications and Computer Engineering(2016)
Takashi KonnoDepartment of Mechanical Engineering and Science(2016)
Yingqing LiuDepartment of Information and Communicatoins Engineering(2016)
Akira HasegawaDepartment of Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering(2016-2017)

Activity Log (AY2016)

2016/6/15Summer Program students formally accepted
2016/6/20Orientation conducted for Summer Program participants
2017/7/19Fall Program student formally accepted
2016/7/27Orientation conducted for Fall Program participant
2016/8/3Start of KAIST Summer Program
2016/8/25End of KAIST Summer Program
2016/9/15Start of KAIST Fall semester
2016/12/22End of KAIST Fall semester
2017/1/20,2/7Spring Program students formally accepted
2017/2/1,2/14Orientation conducted for Spring Program participants
2017/2/1321st Century Skills Seminar by beo at Tokyo Tech
2017/2/22,2/25Start of KAIST Spring semester

Activity Log (AY2015)

2015/4/13Summer Program and JEP students formally accepted
2015/5/27Orientation conducted for Summer Program participants
2015/6/19End of KAIST Spring semester
2015/7/6Orientation conducted for JEP participants
2015/7/16Opinion exchange with SAKURA Science High School Program students
2015/7/22Special Lecture "Technology of Tomorrow"
2015/8/5 Start of KAIST Summer Program
2015/8/26End of KAIST Summer Program
2015/9/1Start of KAIST Fall semester
2015/11/10 Call for application for KAIST 2016 Spring Semester
2015/11/20 Career Development Seminar by Prof. Masahiko Hara, Tokyo Tech
2015/11/20 CAMPUS Asia & TiROP Get-Together
2015/12/19 End of KAIST Fall semester
2016/2/15Call for application for KAIST 2016 Summer Program

Activity Log (AY2014)

2014/4/14Summer Program and JEP students formally accepted
2014/4/18Study Abroad Fair held at Suzukakedai Campus
2014/4/23Study Abroad Fair held at Ookayama Campus
2014/6/9Call for application for KAIST Winter Program
2014/6/13Additional call for application for JEP program
2014/6/18Orientation conducted for Summer Program and JEP participants
2014/6/19End of KAIST Spring semester
2014/7/22Additional JEP students formally accepted
2014/8/4Start of KAIST Summer Program
2014/8/27End of KAIST Summer Program
2014/9/1Start of KAIST Fall semester
2014/9/8Orientation conducted for JEP participants
2014/10/10 Call for application for KAIST 2015 Spring Semester
2014/11/28 Spring semester students formally accepted
2014/12/15 Call for application for KAIST 2015 Summer Program and Fall semseter
2014/12/19 End of KAIST Fall semester
2015/1/26Career Development Seminar by Professor Masahiko Hara
2015/3/2Start of KAIST Spring semester