We are now accepting the application for the CAMPUS Asia Winter Program.
(Students need to be nominated by Tsinghua University or KAIST first to apply for this program.)

For the program overview, please refer to the Introductoin page.

■Application procedures

Apply through our online application system and submit the required items electronically at Tokyo Institute of Technology Online Application System

1. Confirm that you meet all eligibility requirements.
2. Notify the CAMPUS Asia Program Coordinator at your home university of your intent to apply for the program.
3. Prepare all necessary documents for application. (You will need to upload them through the online application system.)
4. Identify 3 Tokyo Tech academic supervisors with whom you would like to conduct research.
5. Complete the online application by the application deadline.

■Application Deadline

Tokyo Tech CAMPUS Asia Winter Program 2018

September 7, 2018

■Required Documents to complete the online application

1. Official academic transcript in English (PDF)

*Include the guidelines of the grading system in English. *Submit transcript(s) for at least the last two academic years.

2. Recommendation Letter from your home university (PDF)

3. Verification of Student Status at your home university (PDF)

*This refers to the Certificate of Enrollment that confirms the period of study and your status at your home university. A Student ID card is not sufficient to meet this requirement.

4. Application for Tokyo Tech Student ID Card (WORD)

*Application Form: Tokyo Tech Student ID Application Form.doc

*Sample: Tokyo Tech Student ID Application Form (SAMPLE).pdf

5. Application for Certificate of Eligibility (COE) (EXCEL)

*Application Form: COE Application Form.xls

*Sample: COE Application Form (SAMPLE).pdf *Please note the COE is required for your Japanese visa application.

6. Copy of Passport (PDF)

*Please submit the page that indicates your name, country of citizenship and photo.

7. Official test result of TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, or equivalent document (PDF)

*Not mandatory but strongly recommended.

*Native speakers of English need not submit this document.

8. Photograph (JPEG)

*File must be less than 2MB, in 350(height) x 290(width) pixels in JPEG format with a resolution of more than 300 dpi.

*Color photo with plain background that provides a clear, front view of the entire face.

■How to identify a Tokyo Tech Academic Supervisor
All CAMPUS Asia Winter Program participants will join laboratories and conduct supervised research. On the application form, you will be asked to provide names of three Tokyo Tech academic supervisors (those holding the title of Professor or Associate Professor) with whom you would like to conduct research. Please use the links below to search for professors whose academic expertise closely mirrors your research interests.
List of Labs & Research Topics 2017
Schools and Departments of Tokyo Tech
Tokyo Tech STAR Search (Researcher Finder)
Tokyo Tech Research Repository (T2R2)

IMPORTANT: Based on the three choices listed on your application form, the Tokyo Tech CAMPUS Asia committee will match admitted students to academic supervisors.

■Program Coordinators
In addition to the application requirements and procedures set by Tokyo Tech, each university may have its own internal application procedures. Please make sure that you contact the CAMPUS Asia Program Coordinator at your home university before you apply to Tokyo Tech.

Tsinghua University

Ms. Dongni LIU
Assistant Director and Chief
Program Manager, Study Abroad, Office of International Cooperation and Exchange
Email: dongni@tsinghua.edu.cn / Tel: (86)-10-62794601

Ms. Sejin Mikhaila NAM
Coordinator, International Relations Team (W2-1, Room 102)
Email: namsejin@kaist.ac.kr campusasia@kaist.ac.kr / Tel: (82) 42-350-2436

■Changes to or Withdrawal from the Program
In principle, all students are expected to participate in the program for the duration of their stay at Tokyo Tech. Only changes to or withdrawal from the program due to unanticipated circumstances will be considered. In such cases, the student must immediately notify the Program Coordinator at his/her home university. Any cost incurred from changes or withdrawal will be covered by the student and his/her home university.