Can I still apply if I miss the application deadline?

No. Late applications will not be accepted unless prior arrangements are made with our office.

What if I don't have a passport at the time of application?

An expired passport or an authorized ID card will also be accepted as long as it can be used to verify your legal name. Please apply or renew your passport immediately and submit us a copy ASAP.

Can I come after the program starts or leave early for my home country?

No. All students are in principle required to participate from start to finish unless prior arrangements are made with our office.

I am a KAIST student from Thailand. Can I apply?

In principle, Tokyo Tech would consider all applicants nominated by KAIST and Tsinghua University. However, whether or not you can apply is up to your home university. Please confirm with your university.

Is it OK if I don't speak Japanese at all?

It is totally fine if you don't understand Japanese since English is the main language to be used in our program.

I have successfully submitted my online application. When can I get the result?

Please expect to hear from us approximately 2 months before the start of the program that you applied.


I have got the official acceptance letter from Tokyo Tech. What's next?

The package you received contains important administrative procedures you must do before coming such as visa application, accommodation application and "Study & Research Plan". Make sure you complete them and contact our office when you have any questions ASAP.

Do I need to purchase my own flight ticket?

Tokyo Tech is not responsible for your flight. Please consult with your Program Coordinator at your university. Also, let us know your flight information ASAP so we can arrange for your arrival.

Will Tokyo Tech sponsor me for my visa application?

Yes. We will provide all the documents needed for you to apply for a Student Visa at your local embassy/consulate. A Student Visa is required for ALL participating students.

How can I get detailed information on the Summer School?

Our website will be updated periodically especially before the start of the program. Please make sure that you check it frequently or contact us by email.

How much money should I bring with me to Japan?

Tokyo is one of the most expensive cities to live in the world, but how much money you need depends on each individual's spending habit and life style. Please make sure that you bring enough money to cover your stay here.

How can I get in touch with past participating students or other students who are going to the same program from my university?

Please consult with the Program Coordinator at your home university.

Academic Life

I want to concentrate on my lab research. Can I participate without taking any courses?

For Summer Program students, it is required to participate in ALL courses and events we have organized for you. However, for students who are staying long term, you can either focus on your research or take courses at the same time.

How do I register course(s) that I want to take?

At the orientation upon your arrival, you will be given the Course Registration Form. Complete the form and we will do online course registration for you.

Can I transfer the credit(s) I earned at Tokyo Tech to my home university?

Tokyo Tech will issue an official academic record and award credits for courses taken upon completion of the program. Please check with your home university for credit transfer procedures.

Life in Japan

How will I commute between my accommodation and the university?

You will be commuting by train. All CAMPUS Asia students are entitled to student discount when purchasing a commuter pass for Tokyu Line (where your accommodation will be located).

Can I use the mobile phone I brought from my home country in Japan?

Yes. You can use the roaming service but be aware of the high cost.

Will someone help me with my school and daily life?

We will assign a "tutor" (student buddy), usually a student from the same lab as you, to support you with your school life.

Am I covered by insurance while in Japan?

International students with a student visa for 6 months will receive a residence card at the airport in Japan and be required to join the National Health Insurance. (Your tutor will assist you on this after your arrival.) Under the NHI, you will need to pay only 30% of the total cost of treatment or medication. However, the NHI program does not provide full cover against death, accidents, loss, fire, or full damages compensation, so enrolling in additional insurance programs is recommended. Also, you will need to purchase Gakkensai/Gakkenbai insurance specifically for research and academic activity (1,340 JPY). Your tutor will assist you on this after your arrival.
Disaster and Accident Insurance for Students (GAKKENSAI) (Gakusei Kyoiku Kenkyu Saigai Shougai Hoken) and Personal Liability Insurance for Students - supplementary to the Disaster and Accident Insurance for students (GAKKENBAI).

Can I travel abroad during the program period?

Yes. However, please consult with our office before you make your travel plan. There are some administrative procedures you must complete beforehand. Also, you must understand that the university will not be responsible for any trouble outside the campus.

How is the weather like in Tokyo?

Be prepared if you are coming for the Summer School as summer in Tokyo is very hot and humid. It can get quite chilly and windy during the winter months, but the temperature rarely drops below the freezing point.

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