Activities:To Tsinghua Program Participants 12students
Name(First,Last)Faculty/Department (year of participation)
Shunsuke TakahashiDepartment of Metallurgical Engineering (2012)
Tomiro Nakamura Department of Metallurgical Engineering (2012-2013)
Yuta SugiuraDepartment of Architecture and Building Engineering (2012-2013)
Ayumu YamaguchiDepartment of Value and Decision Science (2012-2013)
Yutaro ShiramizuDepartment of Human System Science(2013-2014)
Junpei UmezuDepartment of Biological Information(2013-2014)
Ryosuke SasakawaDepartment of Computer Science(2013)
Tokinori SuzukiDepartment of Computer Science(2013-2014)
Yoshinari NomuraDepartment of Bioengineering(2014)
Hiroshi HaraDepartment of Value and Decision Science(2014-2015)
Ryotaro Ishiguro Department of Social Engineering(2014)
Michihiro TanakaDepartment of Polymer Chemistry(2015)
Activity Log(AY2015)
2015/4/13Students for 2015 JEP formally accepted
2015/6/9Orientation held for Tsinghua participants
2015/7/5End of Tsinghua JEP Spring Program 2014-2015
2015/7/16Opinion exchange with SAKURA Science High School Program students
2015/7/22Special Lecture "Technology of Tomorrow"
2015/9/5Start of Tsinghua JEP Fall Program 2015-2016
2015/11/20 Career Development Seminar by Prof. Masahiko Hara, Tokyo Tech
2015/11/20 CAMPUS Asia & TiROP Get-Together
2016/1/17End of Tsinghua JEP Fall Program 2015-2016
2016/2/15Call for application for JEP 2016-2017
Activity Log(AY2014)
2014/4/14Students for 2014 JEP formally accepted
2014/4/18Study Abroad Fair held at Suzukakedai Campus
2014/4/23Study Abroad Fair held at Ookayama Campus
2014/6/18Orientation held for Tsinghua participants
2014/9/2Start of Tsinghua JEP Fall Program 2014-2015
2014/12/15 Call for application for JEP 2015-2016
2015/1/16End of Tsinghua JEP Fall Program 2014-2015
2015/1/26Career Development Seminar by Professor Masahiko Hara
2015/3/2Start of Tsinghua JEP Spring Program 2014-2015