2014 CAMPUS Asia Application Opens

The application period for the 2014 TKT CAMPUS Asia Program is officially open! Students are invited to apply by
nomination. Approval from the Point of Contact at their home universities is required before they proceed to
online application. For details of the application procedures, please visit How to Apply.
Application deadlines
a) CAMPUS Asia Summer Program: January 31, 2014
b) CAMPUS Asia Joint Educational Program: April 3, 2014
c) CAMPUS Asia Summer & Joint Educational Combined Program: January 31, 2014
We look forward to your applications.
- Tokyo Tech CAMPUS Asia Office -
The application for the 2014 TKT CAMPUS Asia Program is officially open!

Students from Tsinghua University and KAIST are invited to apply by nomination. Approval from the Program Coordinator at their home universities is required before they proceed to the online application. For details of the application procedures, please visit How to Apply.

Application deadlines
a) CAMPUS Asia Summer Program: January 31, 2014
b) CAMPUS Asia Joint Educational Program: April 3, 2014
c) CAMPUS Asia Summer & Joint Educational Combined Program: January 31, 2014

We look forward to your applications.
- Tokyo Tech CAMPUS Asia Office -


2013 TIER Summer Program - Closing Ceremony held on August 23

On August 23, 2013, the Closing Ceremony for the second annual TIER Summer Program was held at the Digital Multi-purpose Hall at the Ookayama Campus. Under the Tokyo Institute of Technology International Education and Research (TIER) Program, this summer 10 TKT CAMPUS Asia students from China’s Tsinghua University and Korea’s KAIST as well as 19 TiROP students from fourteen world-class partner universities participated in the Summer Program.

What makes this program unique is that all participating students were assigned to a laboratory to undertake a research project under supervision of a Tokyo Tech professor (academic advisor). They were also paired with a Tokyo Tech student (tutor) to help them make a smooth transition to life in Japan. This gave students, from both abroad and Tokyo Tech, an opportunity to work and exchange with each other on a personal level. In addition, a wide variety of courses (i.e. High Tech Japan and Advanced Technology in Emerging Fields), special lectures by guest speakers, factory tours (i.e. SONY and RIKEN), and cross-cultural events (i.e. English rakugo and Tokyo bus tour) provided students with insights into Japanese academia and culture.

Except two students who left Japan early, all of the remaining 27 students attended the Closing Ceremony. The one-day long event consists of three parts: research presentations by participating students, farewell lunch and the conferral of certificates. In the presentation sessions moderated by Tokyo Tech students, each TIER student had five minutes to present his or her research project and general experience in Japan. Several professors and fellow Tokyo Tech students from the host laboratories were also in attendance and enjoyed lively discussion with them.

After three sessions of student presentations, the first part of the Ceremony ended with a farewell lunch held at Restaurant Kinomi Garden where TIER students, their academic advisors, fellow Tokyo Tech students and staff enjoyed the buffet-style Japanese lunch in a casual setting. The Ceremony resumed after lunch with a brief congratulatory speech by a special guest from MEXT and another session of student presentations. After all participating students had finished their presentations, Professor Jeffery S. Cross led a general discussion session for students to share their final thoughts and reflections on the Summer Program and their experiences in Japan, which will definitely serve as good indicators to further improve the Summer Program.

At the end of the Ceremony, Professor Kiyoshi Okada, Executive Vice President of Tokyo Tech, gave an inspiring closing speech to the crowd and handed out the Certificate of Participation to the TIER students to officially conclude this year’s TIER Summer Program. While most participating students have returned to their respective countries by the end of August, six students will continue with their research project at Tokyo Tech on an extended stay.



RAKUGO Live at Tokyo Tech 2013 on August 1

Mr. Shinoharu Tatekawa performed two Rakugo stories at Tokyo Tech on August 1, 2013. Despite the intense heat, the turnout was double that of last year when he gave his first performance at Tokyo Tech. As most of the audience members were international students, Mr. Shinoharu began by explaining the meaning of several Chinese characters written on the blackboard behind him. He then demonstrated how he plays various kinds of roles ranging from children to elderly adults, both male and female. Each of these characters came alive through a single word, “Hello.”

“Rakugo is an art of the imagination, so we do not describe or explain too much,” Mr. Shinoharu said. After his brief introduction, Mr. Shinoharu performed the classic comic story of Tenshiki. The plot revolves around a Buddhist priest who felt ill and called for the doctor. After examining the priest, the physician asked, “Do you have a Tenshiki?” The priest did not know the meaning of Tenshiki. However, not wishing to appear ignorant, he pretended to know and answered that he did. After the doctor left, the priest called for his disciple in order to try to find out the meaning of Tenshiki without revealing that he himself did not know….

This is a classic story of an arrogant and wiseacre priest and his clever disciple. The participants enjoyed the humor and subtle actions of Mr. Shinoharu’s performance. During the ensuing question and answer time, the participants eagerly asked more about the world of Rakugo.

The second story, Yabu-iri, is also a classic story and one typical of Edo. It begins the night before a son returns home after a three-year absence. The son had gone to a large merchant’s house as a disciple at the age of nine and is only now coming home for the first time. This was a typical phenomenon in the Edo period. At the beginning of the story, the father’s comical words and anxious state in anticipation of his reunion with his son drew laughter. Gradually the warm affection between the father and son became quite moving. One member of the audience asked whether or not there is local color in the Rakugo world and Mr. Shinoharu answered “Tenshiki is a very, very funny story which you can usually see in the Osaka area. It is Kansai style Rakugo. Yabu-iri is a funny, but also very human and moving story that is more representative of Edo Rakugo.”

The day’s event presented a rare opportunity for international students to see a live performance of this art form in English.



RAKUGO Live at Tokyo Tech on August 1



2013 TIER Summer Program - Opening Ceremony held on July 1

On July 1, the 2013 TIER Summer Program Opening Ceremony was held on the Ookayama Campus. After a successful inaugural year, Tokyo Tech is hosting 10 CAMPUS Asia and 19 TiROP students from 12 countries this summer. Each student will have an opportunity to conduct a research in a lab under the supervision of a Tokyo Tech professor and participate in a series of summer classes and site visits.

Professor Maruyama, Tokyo Tech's Executive Vice President for Education and International Affairs, gave a thought-provoking speech to open the ceremony. He used his own experience as a postdoctoral fellow at MIT as an example to encourage the participants to make the most of their stay in Japan. His speech was followed by presentations on TIER, summer school and MISW by Prof. Jeffrey Cross, Prof. Masahiko Hara & Assoc. Prof. Kazuyoshi Fushinobu respectively.

The ceremony ended with self-introductions from all the 29 participants as well as introduction of their assigned academic advisors and tutors. The TIER Summer Program is running throughout the summer until August 23 when the Closing Ceremony is scheduled to be held at the Multi-purpose Digital Hall in W9 Building on the Ookayama Campus.



The Executive producer at SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. will speak on campus (7/11)


Mr. Akitoshi Kawazu, Tokyo Tech alumnus, and executive producer at global game company SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD., will speak on campus.

Mr. Kawazu is well-known as a major creator and developer of the world famous game series “FINAL FANTASY” and “SaGa.” He recently became the executive producer for the mobile game “Emperors SaGa.”

Mr. Kawazu is a core member of SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. which provides high-quality entertainment and services around the world with development and retail bases in many countries. He speech will span his years as a Tokyo Tech undergraduate to his most recent innovations in the entertainment world.

The lecture will be followed by a Q&A time.
Please come and join us!

When:11th July, (THU),15:00~17:00
Where:West 9-Multi-Purpose Digital Hall
           http://www.titech.ac.jp/about/campus/o_map.html?id=03 (2nd floor of Building 28)

Free of charge, on a first- come- first- served basis (to the first 200 arrivals)
For more information: tier@jim.titech.ac.jp


Information exchange trip to other CAMPUS Asia universities

On March 5th and 6th, 2013, two staff from Tokyo Tech’s International Affairs Department visited Nagoya University, Ritsumeikan University and Kyushu University respectively for information exchange purposes. Together with Tokyo Tech, all of the above three universities were selected to be part of the CAMPUS Asia program under the 5-year “Re-Inventing Japan Project” funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in 2011.

The main purpose of this trip was to exchange information with other universities regarding general operations of their CAMPUS Asia program and the accommodation situation for the program participants. Not only did all three meetings go well with a lot of valuable information being exchanged, the two Tokyo Tech staff also had an opportunity to tour Nagoya University’s accommodation facility. With the useful information gathered from this trip, Tokyo Tech is now better equipped with knowledge and ideas for improving its accommodation situation for future CAMPUS Asia participants.


Tokyo Tech's First Participation in CAMPUS Asia TV Conference

On February 12, 2013, in an effort to strengthen the CAMPUS Asia Program and share information with other universities that run the same program, Tokyo Tech, Nagoya University and Tohoku University participated in its first TV conference initiated by Kyushu University. Since 2011, all four universities have been receiving funds from MEXT for their science and technology focused CAMPUS Asia programs under the "Re-Inventing Japan Project". With experience from last year, participating universities benefited from each other from this kick-off meeting by learning how other universities operate their own programs and how they can be improved from such information-sharing events.

The second TV conference is expected to be held sometime later this year.


TIER Symposium "Cultivating Global Leaders through World-Class University Collaborations"

On January 17, 2013, TIER Symposium titled “Cultivating Global Leaders through World-Class University Collaborations” was held at Kuramae Hall on Tokyo Tech’s Ookayama Campus. This event served as a platform for Tokyo Tech and its world-class partner universities to introduce their own leading international programs, exchange information and discuss about international collaborations in order to cultivate global techno-scientific leaders. Approximately 150 guests from various world-class partner universities, embassies, associated organizations as well as Tokyo Tech’s own faculty members were in attendance for this one-day event.

The event started off with opening remarks by Tokyo Tech President Yoshinao Mishima. He stressed the importance of Tokyo Tech hosting such an international event to further improve international collaborations and emphasized Tokyo Tech’s goal of becoming one of the world’s top ten research universities by 2030. His speech was followed by greetings by Guest of Honor Dr. Osamu Aruga from the MEXT and a keynote lecture on Introduction of Tokyo Tech Activities under the TIER Program by Vice President Toshio Maruyama.

The symposium was then broken down into three sessions where several renowned scholars from Tokyo Tech’s partner universities from Asia, Europe and the US were invited to speak about the unique international exchange programs and activities of their own universities. A short Q&A session at the end of each presentation offered event participants an opportunity to interact and exchange ideas with guest speakers.

Professor Jeffery S. Cross wrapped up the event by moderating a very engaging open discussion session that focused on such issues as how the quality assured international programs could be implemented and improved, how the framework of exchanges that are beneficial for both sides could be developed, and how the differences of educational system such as accreditation between universities could be solved.

The discussions and presentations throughout the day offered many great ideas and approaches for improving international collaborations between Tokyo Tech and its partner universities. Tokyo Tech would like to thank everyone involved in making this event successful and will continue to work diligently towards becoming one of the top science and technology universities in the world.

(Clockwise from top left) Associate Professor Tom Hope was the MC for opening the symposium; President Yoshinao Mishima giving the opening remarks; Guest of Honor Mr. Osamu Aruga from MEXT giving greetings; Vice President Toshio Maruyama introduced Tokyo Tech activities under TIER.

(Clockwise from top left) Prof. Peter Wieringa, Delft University of Technology; Prof. Carmen Leicht-Scholten, RWTH Aachen University; Prof. Shinnosuke Obi, Keio University; Prof. Naoto Sekimura, University of Tokyo.

(Clockwise from top left) Lunch buffet; Prof. Joseph Shepherd, California Institute of Technology; Prof. Brian Woodall, Georgia Institute of Technology; Tokyo Tech Prof. Kikuo Kishimoto (on behalf of absent Prof. Masayoshi Tomizuka), University of California, Berkeley.