Student Activities

Student Presentations2015

KyuJin SHIM (Electrical Engineering, KAIST)
My research and life in Tokyo ~ Extraction of cardiac signal using video image in high-field MRI and good restaurants~ pdf1

■ Hongjun PARK
(Chemistry, KAIST)
Shooting a movie of rotating NO (Nitric Oxide) pdf2

■ Minchul KIM (Electrical Engineering, KAIST)
Simulation on transistor laser & life in Japan pdf3

■ Ho Geung KWAK (Industrial Design, KAIST)
Various cities inside Tokyo pdf4

■ Hajeong KIM (Chemistry, KAIST)
Chemical accident of Korea and Japan pdf5

■ Hao ZHANG (Engineering Physics, Tsinghua University)
Enjoy Academy, Enjoy Life, Enjoy Tokyo---my experience in Tokyo Tech pdf6

■ Yangzi CHEN (Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua University)

Recovery of Raw Egg from Boiled Egg by Chaperone  pdf7

■ Yitong WENG (School of Medicine, Tsinghua University)
Estimation of Young's modulus of ulna for patient-specific simulation pdf8