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Yaqing Zhang

The people in my lab are very friendly. They helped me a lot in my life and research, especially my tutor. Because I can speak some Japanese, I can communicate with them in Japanese which helps me improve my Japanese speaking skills. I really appreciate them.

From the lecture and classes I took, I learned so much knowledge. The greatest harvest from these two months may be the feeling about Japan, the country I have been interested for a long time. I got to know Japanese style of thinking, living and working. The culture shock was not that big, but very attractive.

Limited to the time length, I only did two months of experiment. I measured the statistics of three kinds of samples. Maybe this can be called the contributions I made to my host lab. However I think the most important thing for both them and me was to know each other and enjoy the communication from different backgrounds.

Zehao Pan

My interactions with Japanese students were mostly in my lab. Some of them have very good English skills and they were friendly and warmhearted in helping me out with the problems I had.

I learned a bunch of knowledge about Japanese culture from tours and lectures, including Edo era, rakugo, pantheism, modern Japan etc. I attended Survival Japanese class 2 and 3, so I have learned a little about basics of Japanese. Plus, the advanced technology class provided me with introduction of different fields of research so that I could grab something about research in common.

Hoon Cho

It was fun communicating with the international as well as Japanese students throughout July. I was able to spend time on both studying and travelling.
I've learned a lot about Japanese culture and the lab life.

Chang Jun Kim

In Japan, lab is a little bit different from Korea. They are more free but they don't get enough support from university. It was weird.
For a month it is short to do my research. I think it should be better if classes are less and could have more time to do my research. Also for some classes, it is completely not related to my major, it could be an experience and knowledge, but not much helpful. It would be better if I could take some class related to my major in Tokyo Tech.