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Yitong WENG

I think the summer I spent at Tokyo Tech this year is one of the most meaningful and fulfilled summer I've ever had. I experienced research life in laboratory with other students using both Japanese and English and went on academic tours where I broadened my horizons a lot.

During communication lessons, I had chances to talk with Japanese high school students about a lot of things. Besides the activities prepared by CAMPUS Asia, I also went on trips and tried Japanese foods with new friends.

I want to thank Tokyo Tech. and CAMPUS Asia Program for giving me the opportunity for all these precious experiences.

Yangzi CHEN

CAMPUS Asia gave me a great chance to develop my research ability. My professor Taguchi Sensei has strong passion for his research and he was always trying to help me make the best of my study experience in his lab. All the lab members also helped me a lot with great patience and kind attitude. I benefited from the inspiring research atmosphere in Tokyo Tech.

I also got to know lots of friends from different countries during my stay, such as Korean friends who joined the same program and Japanese friends in the lab. The friendship between us will last for the rest of our lives. Besides,I got the opportunity to do lots of sightseeing in Tokyo and to experience Japanese culture, which was very interesting and impressive.

CAMPUS Asia program gave me an unforgettable memory this summer, and I'm looking forward to coming back to Tokyo Tech again!

Myoungjo KIM

I could make a lot of wonderful memories with TKT CAMPUS Asia not only inside the laboratory, but also outside the laboratory. Every activity with lab members and CAMPUS Asia students was so fun such as hanging out, academic discussion and travelling.

In my case, it was my first time to handle supramolecular chemistry and it was a great experience to try a new type of chemistry. Furthermore, I think I improved a lot in English and conversation skills. This summer in Japan, will be an unforgettable memory in my life.

I'm sure that you will have a special time in Japan and Tokyo Tech with CAMPUS Asia. Don't hesitate to contact the program and enjoy your life!


This is the final year of my undergraduate period, and I have confirmed that I will continue to study in Tsinghua University for master. The major will be gas turbin.

The moments were so wonderful and unforgettable that I still missed the time in Tokyo Tech very much.

Recently I'm very and busy because I have to start my graduate paper. But I still enjoy it and I believe that it will not be more tireing than the beginning in Tokyo Tech. I remember that I really had a hard time during the first one or two weeks in Tokyo Tech because I have to get familiar with everything there. But it is both challenging and enjoyable.

After coming back to Beijing, all of my friends told me that I looked like a Japanese boy more and more, no matter my hairstyle or dressing style. Maybe what they want to say is I have been more handsome after this Japan journey. I also keep telling my friends how wonderful are Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, especially YOKOHAMA! I love YOKOHAMA! We also have close contact with Tanaka-san, it feels wonderful that we can continue to gather together in Tsinghua University.

Hongjun PARK

TKT CAMPUS Asia program will give you many chances.

It provided me various knowledge, research experiences, and interesting activities.

You can take Japanese lingual lectures, Engineering related lectures, and team project-based lecture.

About research, I was able to do many experiments that I designed with professors.

Also you can enjoy Tokyo life with many good friends.

I strongly recommend you to enjoy TKT CAMPUS Asia program!