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Sanghun BYEON

TKT CAMPUS Asia program was a great chance for me to experience both academic research and Japanese culture. I learned a lot in Japan especially with the help of academic supervisor in communication engineering research. As a researcher, I could experience the overall research procedure in Japan and had a broad view in my research field through active communication with Japanese graduate students and participation in research seminar.

Not only for the research itself, I could learn Japanese and had a great chance to be closer to Japanese culture. Having a chance to feel the local culture gave me a lot of important and happy memories and still unforgettable.

Do not hesitate to choose TKT CAMPUS Asia program! You will see how you developed from valuable experiences in Japan at the end.

Haitong YU

In the past five months, I had the opportunity to participate in the research of a world-class laboratory in Tokyo Tech. My professor and colleagues had selflessly shared their experiences, knowledge and resources with me, which made my research experience an extremely valuable starting point for my graduate study. I believe I will benefit from the stay in Tokyo Tech for my whole academic career.

Apart from studying, I took my spare time to travel around Tokyo and other places in Japan. What impressed me is not only the astounding cityscape and landscape of Japan, but also the social order and the hospitality of common Japanese citizens.

As a student majoring in power generation, I also had many discussions with my professor and colleagues on energy and environmental issues in our spare time, including pollution treatment and nuclear energy strategy. China is now facing many energy and environmental problems which Japan has also experienced in the past, so that I think Japan's experience would prove useful for China as well.

To sum up, the experience of CAMPUS Asia is precious for me in both academic and life aspects. I will keep in contact with my Japanese friends, and look forward to having a chance to return to Japan in the future!

Xuanping LI

I had a good time in Tokyo Tech. During the five months, I studied 3D modeling under the direction of Professor Inou and Professor Kimura. They helped me a lot, including the students in Prof. Inou's Lab. I developed friendship with people in the Lab and the International Office. Beyond that, I learned much Japanese culture, for example discipline, protecting the environment, be kind etc. I really appreciate the opportunity to study there.

Hyunwoo JANG

I will be missing my life in Tokyo Tech forever! I have grown a lot through CAMPUS Asia program.

Wentao TANG

Although two months are such a short time, the members in my lab left me a great impression with their hospitality and personalities. Besides the experiments, my lab members and my advisor spent much time together, chatting about the life, the culture and many other aspects that we are curious about. We can talk only in English, but this does not affect our deepening understanding about each other.

Through the experience, I developed my friendship with students in my lab and also, the CAMPUS Asia participants. Moreover, in my spare time I traveled to lots of places in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto, especially museums, witnessing the society and the culture of Japan. As China and Japan have always been culturally connected with difference throughout the history, much fresh ideas occurred to me during my stay there.